A Big Welcome!

Hello and welcome to our new adventure, the Flying Classrooms blog! We will be keeping you up to date with our school and any interesting and new information!

Since the UK lockdown restrictions started in March, there has been very little sense of when Covid-19 will be over and when our world will be back to normal. However, here at Flying Classrooms, we have been keeping our heads high and motivated in order to help our students develop and feel at home as much as possible.

We have been very fortunate during these times that the Covid-19 cases have kept low in Norwich when compared with other cities; this gave us the opportunity to use the time to travel and explore our beautiful county, Norfolk. Whether it was visiting our beautiful coast and walking along the beaches with Fish and Chips, learning more about the history of our medieval city in our multiple cathedrals (which are a minutes’ walk from our school) or even just spending time with family. As a country, we have been able to make up for lost time by absorbing the nature that surrounds us and taking in the fresh air that we would usually forget about during the chaos of ‘normal life.’

At Flying Classrooms, we are lucky to have returned to face-to-face classes at our school after weeks of online learning and we have wonderful students from Japan, Spain, China, Saudi Arabia, France, Romania, Italy and Russia currently with us! As much as Covid-19 has tested us all in many ways, we are looking up! We are excited to be welcoming many more students in the future.

Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting and interesting blogs in the near future!

Norwich Study Centre
Norwich Study Centre