Under 18 Students

When you join Norwich Study Centre, you join a warm and welcoming international community where everyone can feel safe and supported. From our welcoming homestay hosts and airport transfer service to experienced teachers, support staff and activity leaders, we work hard to  support our students at every stage of their studies. We also encourage our students to make new friends and get involved in our friendly, international community. 

Useful Information

Parents and Guardians

The safety and well-being of students under 18 is very important to us. The above information relates to our Safeguarding policy. Please read it carefully with your child before booking. It outlines how we work with parents and guardians to ensure the safety and well-being of students under 18.

Providing Consent

Parents and guardians must sign a consent form to enable their child to join classes. This form confirms that they understand any risks involved, and that they believe Norwich Study Centre’s safety measures are sufficient.

Student Cards

Students will be given a student card with the school’s emergency  telephone number and address on their first day.


Before and After Lessons

A special attendance register is kept at the school office for students under 18. Each day, students under 18 must sign in when they arrive, and sign out when they leave. When classes have finished, they are welcome to stay at the school during opening hours and use the computers and books.


If a student is going to be absent, they or their homestay provider must notify the school as soon as possible.

If a student has not arrived at the school within 15 minutes of the beginning of their lesson, we will call their homestay provider immediately.

Please read the above documents for more information regarding our Safeguarding and Welfare policies for students under 18.

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