Stories of Flying Classrooms

Since 2000, Norwich Study Centre has been home to a friendly, international community in the heart of Norwich.

We welcome students of many different ages from around the world to our school. Whether you come to us to improve your English for life, work or study, you will find teachers and fellow students who want you to succeed, and resources to help you.

We are proud of the strong community and lasting connections that our students build during their studies, and we work to create opportunities for you to practise, explore and socialise together.

Every year, we are delighted to welcome returning students to study with us again. Some have stayed in Norwich while others have travelled in the UK or come back to us from abroad. But wherever their stories take them, we think their choice to return to Norwich Study Centre speaks for itself.

A Story of Two Names

Norwich Study Centre & Flying Classrooms

Our school began life in 2000 under the name of Flying Classrooms, taken from the title of a German book for children, which tells a story of friendship at a boarding school. We felt that the name captured our school’s ethos, “Learning together and creating together”. However, the name did present some difficulties. We were often asked “Where is Flying Classrooms based?” or “What kind of school is it?”. We always had to explain that Flying Classrooms was located in Norwich and that we were an English language school. So we decided to change the name from Flying Classrooms to Norwich Study Centre, a simple but suitable name for an English language school.

While Norwich Study Centre has been established as the official name outside of the school, people who joined the school loved the name Flying Classrooms. That is why we have two names: both Norwich Study Centre, and our personalised Flying Classrooms. Flying Classrooms is just right for our friendly international school community. 

What our students say

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