General English Plus

General English Plus

Our English Plus afternoon courses help students to develop their English platform by focusing on their general English skills in the four areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing during classes in the morning, and working on a specific language area which you would like to develop during classes in the afternoon.

Key information



Minimum language level

From A1 (Beginners) to Intermediate (B2)

Course length

From 1 week (from Monday to Thursday)

Hours of teaching per week


Minimum class size


Maximum class size



From £240

What will I learn?

Course content

On this course you will:

  • Receive relevant and interesting classes adapted to each student’s needs
  • Receive individual tutorials with the class teacher every 6 weeks to help you to achieve your learning goals
  • Improve your communication skills through class discussions and activities with other students
  • Develop your grammar and vocabulary
  • Read and discuss texts on a wide range of subjects, including magazines, news articles or stories
  • Practise speaking and listening skills through discussions, role-play and presentation

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How will I learn?

Learning outcomes

You will be able to:

  • Improve your language skills in the four key areas of speaking and listening, and reading and writing
  • Improve your pronunciation, build your vocabulary, and develop your understanding of English grammar
  • Communicate and become more fluent and accurate when using English
  • Be more confident in English-speaking environments and when communicating with other English speakers

Personalise my course

Course options

  • General English Plus

    Students join General English in the morning and choose personalised afternoon courses.

    You can choose the following options:

  • Skills & Culture
    Our Skills and Culture module is for anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of life and culture in the UK and beyond while practising specific language skills.
    This course focuses on applying English in real-life situations with other students. Using a variety of real-life texts and materials, students share and discuss information, opinions and ideas to improve their speaking and listening skills and build life skills in English.

  • British Cultural Experience
    This course is for people who want to have a taste of the British way of life while improving language skills by exploring the medieval city of Norwich.
    The focus of this course is to explore life and culture in the UK while practising your communication skills. The course covers different areas of British culture, including food, art, history and more, while the outside activities allow you to gain a deeper understanding of British culture and beyond.

  • The Bridge to IELTS
    This course is an introduction to the IELTS exam preparation course for students with English at A2 & B1 levels who are hoping to get an IELTS 4 and above.
    The focus of this course is to gain an understanding of the framework of the IELTS exam and begin to give you the skills you need before joining the IELTS exam preparation course.

  • English for Work
    This course is practical and focuses on communication skills and the language needed to work effectively in a job in an English-speaking environment.
    The focus of this course is to give you skills needed to get a job by helping with writing CVs, cover letters and job interviews. The course also focuses on:

    • Customer care, dealing with customers effectively on the phone and face-to-face
    • Effective meeting skills, chairing and participating in meetings and understanding the psychological process of decision making
    • Presentation skills, planning and organising a presentation using PowerPoint, and how to use voice and body language to get a message across effectively

When will I study?

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