Terms & Conditions

1.0       ENROLMENT

1.1          On the receipt of your registration form, relevant documents and the £200 deposit, Norwich Study Centre (NSC) will send a booking confirmation to confirm your place on your course as well as an invoice by email. Please note that this does not represent a confirmation of a visa or travel document.

2.0       PAYMENT

2.1          For non-visa nationals, your place on your course can only be confirmed after a deposit of £200 has been made. All fees are to be paid by the end of the first day of study.

2.2          For students requiring a visa to study in the UK, visa confirmation letters are only issued upon full payment of tuition fees.

2.3          For all students, the relevant documents are sent by email or post. Other options and couriers, such as DHL, are available at an extra cost. Please contact us for more information.

2.4          Payments can be made either by bank transfer, by credit/debit card or by Western Union International Transfer.

3.0       TUITION

3.1          Weekly tuition is calculated from Monday – Friday.

3.2          The deposit of £200 (£80 registration fee + £120) is non-refundable.

3.3          If you cancel your booking 30 days or more before the course begins, then you shall be issued a refund, minus the non-refundable deposit (£200).

3.4          If you cancel your booking less than 30 days before the course begins, then you will not be issued a refund.

3.5          If you begin a course but want to finish earlier than planned, notice of 30 days should be given and will be deducted from any tuition fees that will be refunded. NSC is unable to offer refunds to students who require a visa to study in the UK and have to leave early. This is due to the fact that visas are granted with the assumption that the student will be taking a course at NSC for the full duration.

3.6          Should a student’s visa be refused, then all fees, except for non-refundable fees, will be refunded, but only upon receipt of the visa refusal letter.

3.7          If you cancel one-to-one classes less than 7 days in advance, then you will not be refunded.

3.8          Part-time lessons are non-refundable.

3.9          If the number of students falls below the minimum of 4, NSC may reschedule and/or reduce class hours.


4.1          The minimum age for students is 11 years old when accompanied by a parent, guardian or leader of a group.

4.2          The minimum age for students who are not accompanied in this manner is 14 years old.

4.3          There is no maximum age for students attending the NSC.

4.4          All students who are under 18 years of age are required to send a signed parental consent form and proof of travel arrangements at the same time as their registration form. Bookings cannot be confirmed until NSC has received a signed parental consent form.


5.1          If you require accommodation during your studies, you are required to pay an administration fee of £70. Accommodation cannot be arranged until you have paid the accommodation administration fee and have told NSC of your arrival details.

5.2          Accommodation is subject to availability, it is advised to book as early as possible. We require at least 2 weeks’ notice to be able to confirm accommodation for you. This is especially true in our high season (June, July & August) and we require at least 4 weeks’ notice during this high season.

5.3          While the school’s accommodation service acts as an agent between the student and the host family and introduces them to each other, the main contact should always be between the student and the host family.

5.4          Refunds can only be made for full calendar weeks of stay.

5.5          Accommodation is only available for full time students at the school. If you finish your course or leave the school earlier, you will be asked to leave your accommodation.

5.6          If you cancel your accommodation 14 days or more before you are due to start your course, NSC will refund all payments except for the deposit (£200).

5.7          If you cancel your accommodation less than 14 days before you are due to start your course, or you move out without giving 7 days’ notice, NSC will refund all payments with the exceptions of the deposit, and the cost of 1 week of your accommodation.

5.8          NSC reserves the right to decline your request to move host family. NSC will consider your request in the case of an emergency.

5.9          NSC reserves the right to move you to an alternative host family, if necessary.


6.1          NSC offers a variety of social activities for you to participate in. Activities based at the school are free, but local activities typically cost between £5 and £10.

6.2          NSC also offers half and full-day trips. These typically cost between £30 and £40 for half-day trips and £40 to £60 for full-day trips.

7.0       HOLIDAYS

7.1          NSC is closed on public holidays and there will be no reduction in tuition fees or hours compensated for these days. One-to-one tuition sessions will be rearranged if these fall on public holidays.

7.2          Dates in which the school is closed (for 2019) are shown below:
Public Holidays: 1st January, 19th April, 22nd April, 6th May, 27th May, 26th August.
Christmas: 23rd December 2019 – 3rd January 2020.

7.3          Students are able to book holiday time during their studies. For every month of their booked course, students are able to take 1 week of holiday.

7.4          Holidays are booked from Monday to Friday, and no fees will be charged during the booked period.

7.5          When you book a holiday, NSC will extend your course to accommodate it. However, if this extension causes your booking to go past your visa end date, no refunds will be given.

7.6          All holidays must be booked at least 1 week in advance.


8.1          NSC understands its responsibility for duty of care of its students. All NSC staff adhere to the policies and procedures for care of students under 18 years of age.

8.2          NSC policies can be read at: https://www.flyingclassrooms.co.uk/about-us/policies-and-procedures/

8.3          NSC advises you to obtain travel insurance in your own country to cover events such as illness, accidents or loss of money and/or property. Your insurance should also cover loss of tuition fees if you have to cancel your course or leave early.

8.4          Medical treatment under the NHS (National Health Service) is not free for international students. NSC recommends that you obtain medical insurance in your home country before travelling to the UK.


9.1          NSC does not accept liability for any loss, damage or misadventure suffered whilst at the school, at the accommodation or during transportation that we arrange.

9.2          NSC reserves the right to:

  • Alter dates, fees and details in the publicity without prior notice.
  • Change teachers or timetables at any time during the course.
  • Not accept admission or dismiss any student in the event of poor attendance or misconduct.
  • Not accept admission to an examination class if a student’s level is below the required standard.
  • Reschedule and/or reduce class hours should the number of students enrolled fall below the minimum of 4.
  • Not accept applications from students under 16 years old if unaccompanied by a parent/guardian.
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