English for Work Online

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Course Details

Total time*

Standard — 15 hours per week

Erasmus+ — 22.5 hours per week

*1 hour = 60 minutes

Teaching hours

Standard — 10 hours of live group lessons | Mon-Fri

Erasmus+ — 14 hours of live General English lessons + 3 hours specialised English for Work lessons | Mon-Fri

Guided self-study hours

Standard — 5 hours | Mon-Fri

Erasmus+ — 5.5 hours | Mon-Fri

Minimum level

B1+ (Intermediate)

4 Minimum class size
6 Maximum class size
16 Minimum age

About this course


Wherever you are, develop key professional skills and improve your knowledge of business and industry topics in English, so you can take the next step in your career or profession. Start something amazing with Norwich Study Centre.


Why Norwich Study Centre?

  • Established in 2000 | We have 20 years of experience, supporting students with their professional and career goals.
  • We are here for you | Your class teacher is available to assist you every step of the way, with regular feedback and support.
  • Creating a new classroom experience for you | Using Zoom technology, you are connected to your class teachers and fellow students in a virtual classroom, working individually, in pairs and in small groups.
  • Coming together to do more with English | You become part of a welcoming community. Join our online social activities and make new connections with people from around the world.


Course aims

Choose this course if you want to:

  • Develop a range of key professional skills in English, including for networking, interviews, presentations, meetings, negotiations and more
  • Learn useful vocabulary and develop the language skills you need for your role and industry
  • Develop your intercultural understanding and practise communicating with people across borders and cultures
  • Understand and improve your knowledge of business- or industry-specific topics in English
  • Share and discuss information, opinions and ideas in English
  • Be more confident using English for different purposes and in real-world situations


What is included in this course?

Our English for Work Online course is available as a Standard or Erasmus+ course.

With our Standard course, you’ll get:

  • 10 live group classes online with your teacher in a virtual classroom (10 hours per week)
  • 5 guided, project-based lessons to help you practise and develop your skills and gain the confidence you need for the real world (5 hours per week)
  • Regular tutorials and personalised support from your class teacher to identify opportunities for improvement and boost your progress
  • Access to our online community platform
  • Join our exciting range of online social activities

With our option for Erasmus+, you’ll get:

  • 14 live group classes for General English online with your teacher in a virtual classroom (14 hours per week)
  • 3 live specialised lessons focusing on English for Work (3 hours per week)
  • 5 guided, project-based lessons to help you practise and develop your skills and gain the confidence you need for the real world (5.5 hours per week)
  • Regular tutorials and personalised support from your class teacher to identify opportunities for improvement and boost your progress
  • Access to our online community platform
  • Join our exciting range of online social activities

Course Details

When can I start?

Our English for Work Online course is available to start any Monday (excluding bank holidays).


What do I need for this course?

For the best experience, you will need:

  • A desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • A stable internet connection (at least 2.5Mbps)
  • A web camera or a device that includes a camera
  • A microphone/headset or a device that includes a microphone

Our online courses use Zoom technology. We will send you all the details and instructions you need to connect to your lessons, access resources and join social activities.


What is the course timetable?

Live group lessons take place between:

  • 09:30 – 10:30 and 11:00 – 12:00, Mon-Fri

Project-based lessons take place between:

  • 13:00 – 14:00, Mon-Fri

All times are GMT/BST.

Please note course timetables may change. All students will be notified of any timetable changes that affect their course.


How much does this course cost?

Our English for Work Online course costs for Standard and Erasmus+ options are:

  • £200 per week (Standard, 15 hours)
  • €350 per week (Erasmus+, 22.5 hours)

Current and previous students can enrol without paying a new registration fee.

What our students say

I have been working with Flying Classrooms since 2010 and bring my students to spend a summer month with FC every year. Norwich is definitely a great place to study because you have the advantages of a city, but also a very good atmosphere! The school is situated in the very centre of the city where everything is close to you and you easily can satisfy all your ideas.
I would recommend FC to you if you wish to improve your English. All my students enjoyed the course and the teachers who are very professional, efficient and talented. The staff of the school are very friendly and are always willing to help! The atmosphere at school was just like being with family. The lessons were creative and dynamic. Experience at FC gave my students the motivation to learn more and more. Some of them came back to school the year later. And, of course, it helped them in their preparation for IELTS. We miss Norwich very much!
Anna from Kazakhstan

I’ve been in Flying Classrooms twice and really enjoyed that time. Recommend this school to everyone who want to know English well. Moreover, I was inspired by great teachers, absolute educational program and so friendly atmosphere there. Also you have to join the activities which Flying Classrooms organize. With love and million thankful words from Kazakhstan!

Diana from Kazakhstan

I’m quite happy about my improvements. I know that in the short time that I’ve had (13 weeks), it is pretty difficult to speak fluently without errors of grammar and to listen as well. Flying Classrooms has a great team of professionals and I have nothing to complain about them. Clever strategies of teaching really helps when you are sharing the class with students of different cultures and ages. The building is well-located and easy to find. We also had a “social activity staff”, who every Friday gave us options of entertainment on weekends like going to pubs, parks and shopping, for example.

Matheus from Brazil

All the teachers were professional and helpful, so was the school staff. Everybody was extremely kind and friendly.
The activities were very interesting and involving. The school premises were fine too. The lessons were engaging, interesting and challenging. all the teachers gave us tips and hands-on suggestions to improve our work in our country. I have already planned to go back to Norwich for another course next year, a more tailor-made course only for TEYL (Teaching English to Young Learners) that the school is ready to personalize if we have some other teachers interested in the same area of teaching.

Monica from Italy

Our homestay is a very nice person. Her house is clean, breakfast and dinner are excellent and we can have very interesting discussions with her.

The school was perfect with really nice staff and wonderful trips.

Gundula from Germany

After three weeks at Flying Classrooms, I can honestly say that the teaching staff and the office crew really make you feel welcome. Teachers are enthusiastic, you learn a lot in a quaint environment and you’ll never want to stop this learning experience with all the other interesting students from all over the world. Top notch!

Bernd from Germany

I know that I am very lucky that I chose Flying Classrooms to improve my language skills. All of my teachers were really good. I will never forget them.

Ro-ah from Saudi Arabia

I was only there for two weeks, but I learn a lot of English, and your teachers are very good. I hope to return to Norwich.

Mari Carmen from Spain

I was only in the school for two weeks but I felt like I was at home.

Franca from Italy

Well, my first time in Norwich and in Flying Classrooms was rather scary because I had no idea how to deal with English people and I had huge language barrier as well. But all the teachers in FC helped me with it, and now I feel absolutely confident about my English skills. I have been to the school 4 times and each time is a new experience in English culture, language and people. All the teachers are absolutely helpful, friendly, funny and sometimes strict. Therefore, office management is also helpful, if someone needs help, he/she just needs to visit student officer and he will help with all one’s problems.  I wish that soon I can come back to school not to study but to meet my friends (who are already best friends) to share with them my achievements which this school helped me with.

Darya from Russia

I’ve been studying at the Flying Classrooms for eight months and I’m very satisfied with the choice I made. The teachers are natives and experienced, the office staff are always ready to help and the build is adequate and well located. Every week they offer a social active, that helps with cohesion between students and introduces Norwich’s culture.

Emerson from Brazil

I spent 1 month before my IELTS test with my teachers, Jill and Andy. It was really helpful and I got 6.5 in writing where it was 5.5 last test. I practiced a lot on reading on myself and they helped a lot with their advices and I got 7 in reading. I really liked this school and strongly recommend it.

Lama from Saudi Arabia

The teachers were kind, patient and willing to help anytime. I really liked that when a student asked some question but the teacher didn’t know the answer right away, he searched on the internet or asked other teachers, so he was able to help the student after all. I especially liked the teachers motivation to find differences and similarities between English and other languages the students were able to speak.
The school is located in the centre of Norwich, which is very useful because all kinds of stores, restaurants and the most popular sights are within walking distance.
Classes were welcoming and always clean. The common room was a very nice place to meet people from different countries, no matter the age.

Daniela from Slovakia

I spent two incredible weeks in this school, you feel immediately very comfortable in the class thanks to the small group. The teachers are irreproachable, it allowed me to meet people of different nationalities!
I highly recommend this school which made me progress in English!

Léa from France