Teacher Training – Specialised Subjects

Teacher Training – Specialised Subjects

In addition to the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) and English Language Teaching Knowledge & Skills , Norwich Study Centre also offers training on the following topics. All these courses are eligible for Erasmus+ funding.

Please note, our Teacher Training courses are not accredited by the British Council.

Teaching Young Learners

This course offers opportunities for teaching professionals who wish to specialise in working with young learners. During this course, your experienced teacher trainer will help to raise your awareness of the principles of teaching English to young learners. There will also be a focus on a practical approach, classroom management skills, classroom activities and selection of resources.


How to Motivate your Students

On this course, you will study the theories behind motivation and how they can be applied in the classroom.

You will learn some fresh ideas on how to keep students engaged and motivated. Gain insight into boosting learner confidence, encouraging learner autonomy, accommodating different learning styles and rapport building. Professionals participating in the course also have the option to participate in our General English lessons, both as a student and as an observer. Come and see our teachers in action!

A course participant and Jill, one of our teacher trainers


Drama Techniques for Creative Language Teaching

Integrating drama in the language classroom is both valuable and rewarding for learners and teachers alike. During the course, the English language will be brought to life by our specialist trainer, giving teachers the tools they need to engage students in lively lessons that boost confidence and communication skills.

This dynamic, group-oriented course aims to equip teachers with various dramatic techniques which can both inform teaching practice and immerse teachers and learners in the British theatrical tradition!


TEP (Teaching English Pronunciation)

Our TEP course aims to build your own awareness and knowledge of English sounds while demonstrating fun, varied and useful techniques for you to implement in your own language classroom.

This course would not only be ideal for teachers working with adults, but also for teachers of young learners working in schools where phonics and phonology form major parts of the curriculum.

Participants in this course will also be given the opportunity to attend one of our General English lessons as both a participant and an observer, to see how we put our principles into practice on a daily basis.