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Life, Language and Communication

To English language speakers, wherever you are in the world…


Are you wondering where to go next with your English? Have you reached a plateau, and would like to know how to break through to the next level of empowered communication?

Are you coming to the UK to study at Flying Classrooms? Would you benefit from the opportunity to gain confidence in your English before you arrive in the UK?

Or perhaps you have finished a course at Flying Classrooms, and would like to continue to empower your English from the comfort of your home or office?

If this is you, then…

Welcome to the LLC Network!

We are a team of Life, Language and Communication coaches who have partnered with Flying Classrooms to help you form a new relationship with your English. We coach online, meaning you can meet your coach from wherever you are in the world. 

But coaching? How is that different to language training?

While training equips you with the knowledge you need to form sentences (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation etc), coaching aims to discover and unblock the barriers you might have which are impacting your confidence.

As coaches, we help you recognize the judgments you have of your English, and the judgments you feel you receive from others. This means you are able to distinguish between your English as it is, and your opinion of your ability.  With this fresh perspective you’ll gain a new-found acceptance of where you are now. With this acceptance comes the confidence to help you grow.

With Norwich Study Centre, we are offering a variety of online courses, each including a balance of 1:1 coaching sessions and pair or group workshops. Every course begins with a discussion about your needs and objectives.

Whether in 1:1 or common-ground sessions or in group workshops, we focus on your needs and work to empower your communication.

1:1 Sessions

Distance coaching doesn’t have to be distant! In 1:1 sessions, you will build a close relationship with a coach who will be with you every step of your growth.

Sessions typically involve:

  • Conversations about work, personal life and current news
  • Coaching on areas that are preventing you from enjoying and developing your English, such as lack of confidence.
  • Exploration and clarification of language use.
  • Communication strategies for dealing with challenges such as not understanding or forgetting words.

Group Workshops

Group workshops are an opportunity for you to come together with 2-4 other participants for 2 hours of conversation, discussion, discovery and fun, facilitated by one of our coaches.

Some examples of popular workshop themes are:

  • Cross-cultural communication
  • What is confidence and how do I get it?
  • Strategies for conference calls
  • Clarity with the Present Perfect
  • Trends in technology

Pair 'Common Ground' Workshops

These unique and very popular workshops are an opportunity for participants to meet others with whom they have ‘common ground’ – a shared interest. The sessions are facilitated by a coach.

Some examples of common ground matches are:

  • A journalist who wants to interview in English is paired with an artist who wishes to talk about his work in a semi-formal context.
  • A travel agent who wants to talk about travel is paired with a landscape photographer who wants to talk about her pictures.

What are the Benefits of Coaching Online?

The beauty of online coaching is that you can meet your coach from wherever you have a reliable internet connection and a PC, tablet, or smart phone.

We use a fantastic platform that enables us to share an experience as rich and personal as a physical face-to-face conversation. What’s more, coaching online means we have the wealth of the internet as a resource. It’s a real context, for growth in the real world.

We hope to meet you online soon, to begin a new adventure in Life, Language and Communication!

Our Coaching Team


My background is in the arts and humanities. I have degrees in Psychology, Philosophy and Poetry, and spent my early professional career acting and English Language training in London. I then joined The Corporate Theatre as Poet in Residence, designing and facilitating inspirational leadership workshops for leaders in global businesses. I continue to write, and am now a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach, as well as a Life, Language and Communication Coach for The LLC Network.



After finishing university, I was desperate to cut loose from my home country and explore the world. My ticket? Becoming an English language teacher. I had many amazing experiences and worked with many wonderful students, in countries as diverse as Japan, Tanzania and Spain, and in environments ranging from primary schools, to businesses, to universities. Fortunately for me, what started simply as a way of travelling the world, also became a career that I loved.



My background is in art and design. I have a degree in ceramics and glass and was a practicing artist for many years. I then joined a community where I lived and worked with people with learning needs, helping to support their empowerment in art, life and social skills. It was there that I met my Japanese wife. After that, we went backpacking together and ended up in Japan, where I began my career as a language trainer. 8 fantastic years later, I was then offered a job as a trainer in Paris working with large companies like EDF, Chanel and Danone. After 10 years away, I decided to return to the UK. I continue to explore my creativity and am a Life, Language and Communication Coach, and the founder of The LLC Network.



I was born in Fukuoka Japan, and I have travelled, lived and worked in many countries, including Australia, France and the UK. I have a deep love of travel and of the differences of culture and life you can experience when abroad. I am now living in the UK and am the operations manager for the LLC, where I manage all of the courses and the centralised management of the network.


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