Intercultural Training course

Intercultural Training course

Our Intercultural Training course is designed to help teachers or administrative staff in an educational institution to develop their understanding of the meaning, value and significance of cultural diversity in relation to their professional practice.

Course Dates 2019

Participants will have opportunities to:


The course will incorporate a mixture of individual work and work with partners, as well as opportunities to reflect upon the issues raised and discussed within a larger group.


The course will last for one week, during which participants will attend classes for a total of 22.5 hours.


Course Details

Duration: 1 week, 22.5 hours (9:30 – 11:00, 11:30 – 13:00 and 14:00 – 15:30 Monday to Friday)

Minimum class size: 4

Maximum class size: 14



Intercultural training = £350


Our Trainers
Jill Gambier
Jill has over twenty years of teaching and training experience. She worked for the English Language Support Service at Norfolk County Council for many years and was Joint Secondary Lead Advisory Teacher for English as an Additional Language. Her role was to advise and support schools in developing their provision for EAL pupils.  This involved teacher training and developing both language and education programmes for young people from refugee and asylum-seeking communities.


Theo Best
Theo completed a BSc in Psychology, a Masters in Philosophy and most recently a Masters in Creative Writing (Poetry). As well as being an English teacher and teacher trainer, Theo is also the Poet in Residence at The Corporate Theatre, where he seeks a better understanding of how creative images determine structures and behaviour in organisations. He uses his experience and drama skills to help teachers stimulate student motivation.


Bernd Munderloh
Bernd worked for schools in Germany, UK Chile and the US as a Teacher, Teacher Trainer and Deputy Headmaster. He has organised Intercultural learning courses as part of the German-American Partnership programme (GAPP), for future Fulbright Exchange Teachers and also for the central office for German schools abroad.  Currently, he is involved in the programme, “A World of Difference” to help participants to improve intergroup relations and build an understanding of the value and benefits of diversity. He has conducted workshops with various school staff and pupils with different backgrounds.